Signaturit’s electronic signature are integrated into Wolters Kluwer’s marketplace.

Signaturit's electronic signature services are integrated into Wolters Kluwer's marketplace.

The Spanish legaltech Signaturit continues adding partners. This time it is the technology provider of management software for professional offices and companies Wolters Kluwer that has opted to integrate the services of receiving certified SMS and electronic signature offered by the company, with all the legal guarantees.

From now on, Wolters Kluwer’s marketplace will integrate three of the most demanded services: the reception of certified SMS (eSignature SMS), which allows to receive communications and documents in a reliable way; the simple electronic signature (eSignature Simple) and the advanced (eSignature Advanced), the first one allows the signature by a click or by entering a PIN, while the second one requires a trace and allows to identify the signer.

For Laura de la Torre, Business Development & Strategic Alliances Director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain, “a3Marketplace is part of our strategy of continuous innovation and of connecting our 100% cloud-based a3innuva solutions with third-party applications that provide great added value to professionals in law firms and companies. The great advantage is that the customer does not have to worry about integration, the a3Marketplace applications are already integrated. This is the result of our commitment to a model of co-creation and collaboration”.

The integration of the services in Wolters Kluwer’s marketplace will bring a large number of benefits for its customers, who will not only be able to choose the firm that best suits their needs, but the process is streamlined as it is integrated in its marketplace and can be accessed from any device.

“To continue growing hand in hand with partners like Wolters Kluwer is a source of pride for Signaturit because it means that the service we offer adapts to existing needs, regardless of the sector in which they are. Now, thanks to this collaboration, agility and security will be maintained in all types of transactions that require an electronic signature. For our part, we continue working to continue innovating in a field that is constantly growing”, says René Jägers, VP of Sales, Global at Signaturit.

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