Signaturit launches a test to know the degree of digital maturity

The legaltech Signaturit launches a test to know the degree of digital maturity

They are not the first and will not be the last to propose a test of this type to both law firms and legal advisors, and in general to all types of companies. LOIS, being then Alterwork, already did it last year focusing on legal operations. Now, Signaturit, in 9 simple steps and answering questions about each of the departments, allows you to know the current maturity level. And don’t forget that a high level of maturity translates into financial benefits and improvements in brand image.

We find ourselves in a world where digitalization is dominant. Consumers prioritize digital transactions because of the ability to do it from anywhere in an agile and simple way, which has meant that companies are adapting to this environment. But how digitized are these companies, and are they sufficiently digitized to meet the needs of employees and users?

To know this level, Signaturit, the Spanish legaltech, has created a Digital Maturity Test in which to know, in 9 simple steps, in what position the company is, after knowing the digitization of each of the departments involved.

The importance of knowing the degree of digital maturity lies in its close relationship with the financial performance of the company. Those companies that have adopted digitalization measures manage to increase their revenues, improve their profitability and enhance their positive image in the market.

To achieve an optimal situation in terms of digitization, it is necessary to know the current status of the company, which Signaturit classifies as follows:

Low: they are usually traditional companies. Companies that show a certain skepticism and resistance to change. They have a deeply rooted culture and decision making is usually more difficult. They have great digital potential to exploit and tend to successfully face challenges by creating disruptive and innovative models in their market niche.
Medium: known as Industry 4.0. They consider technology as an ally in their evolution and seek partners who are leaders in their sectors to move towards digital integration and adapt to the new times. Exponential growth in the use of Big Data, centralization and cloud solutions.
High: digital natives and, therefore, with a culture and organization based on digitization. Accustomed to the use of CRMs, ERPs, signature managers, omnichannel, cloud work, etc. Trend in the adoption of customer centric models, the customer at the center of all efforts and Data Intelligence, decisions based on data.
After knowing the current state and having a comprehensive vision, it is necessary to focus efforts on the areas to be digitally enhanced. The key to the process is to monitor the processes in place and adopt the relevant changes to achieve the desired degree of digitization.

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